A game about Gender and Sexuality. You can have first contact with terms from the LGBTQI*-Community and gain abilities to gain more insight into our terms.

Created for the bpb:gamejam 2021 (08.01.-10.01.2021)


  • Laura - WayCarm
  • Lorena - Lorena M.
  • Smax - stephanmax
  • Steven - Steven Paw


Release date Jan 10, 2021
AuthorsSteven Paw, Stephan Max, Kabeljau, WayCarm
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, LGBTQIA, Metroidvania, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few seconds


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i got bisexual and the ladders worked, but i couldnt get out from that area

hey, the genderfluid upgrade doesnt work correctly. theres no way to progress past that point: the box near the start wont let me through.

Same for me, no update since then as it seems?!?

nope. :<

pink box upgrade doesn't work.

Hey thanks for taking the time and play(-test). This was a game jam entry so it naturally comes with quite the range of bugs—I will try to prioritize the ones you mentioned 👍

fell out of bounds. Is there a respawn key?

Der kleine Karton ist echt knuffig <3. Und das mit der guten Stimmung kann ich nur unterstreichen! Schönes Spiel!